Monday, 2 July 2018

Digital Books

I mentioned having done a digital book for Bentleys.  Here is a sample ......

If you want to see it all go to....

Sunday, 1 July 2018

A day late

Apologies for being a day late with this week's post.  I spent my blog time yesterday fiddling around making a digital book to record Bentleys (a previous build).  More of this when it comes to fruition but suffice it to say it took much, much longer to do than I imagined.

Meanwhile in dribs and drabs throughout the week I managed to get the Rec room and the Mud room sorted.

These are the terrific boxes I keep my 'dressing stuff in.  They were sold as bead boxes for a couple of dollars in Wal Mart.  I try to collect things for one room in the same box so I don't forget what I have and duplicate things.

That worked really well with the three cats I seem to have acquired.  At least the quality improves as I go along.  All I can say is that I once owned a cat as ugly as the first one here.  He was also extremely stupid and quickly earned the name pudding, so I have something of an attachment to the ugliest one.  I suspect Mrs Perky on the right will get to inhabit the house.

A couple of the mini objects in this house sort of work.  The jukebox lights up and plays a couple of songs and the washing machine in the mud room is a Miele (can't find them any more!!!) and it lights up, the drum spins, it makes washing noises and then makes a spinning noise followed by a beep when the washing is finished.  The door also opens.  Such a nice piece of kit.  I used to have their cooker too in a previous project and that had hobs that lit and made cooking noises.

I am especially fond of this little basket of sea shells as they were all found by me during my time in Naples (Florida)  I had a sort of challenge with myself to find the smallest shell possible each time we went to the beach and I ended up with a zillion very teeny ones.  They are miniatures in their own right.


These must be the world's tidiest teenagers - biscuits on a plate and liquorice allsorts in a bowl!!!  What can I say.....I train my children well...... especially the resin ones.  Incidentally every sweetie and every biscuit is a loose separate item.  Such talented people around.  For non-UK chums each of these biscuits is a recognisable product.

My favourite object here is the cute little stapler.  Needs a bit more 'stuff' yet

Pretty much a shell collection going on here.  Indeed there is a box open with two new shells in that haven't found their home yet.  Again it needs games and stuff for the empty shells.  The china piggy bank is in memory of one I had for many, many years called Daisy Grunter.  Spot the mobile phone.

.....   and so the room goes back together......  I need a couple of posters for the back wall.  I am just not sure what to have.  Might go retro and have something to represent what my kids liked .....Star Wars? and....?

A few nice details in the mud room such as the whiteboard weekly planning sheet with pen on the wall, the smoke alarm, the alarm system board for this part of the house.  There is cleaning stuff left out as Simon has been cleaning his skate board.  Apologies for the poor quality photo, it was taken late in the day and in poor light.

I have just added a couple of things in the dining room since you last saw it.  I love the tiny glass horse on the huntboard, bought when I was doing quarter scale.  This photo reminds me that I need to clean up and re-trim the chairs.  They had some very flashy gold braid round them that I unceremoniously ripped off.  I really need to get down to filling the cabinets and dressing the tables - I actually have more than I need to do this.  I keep sort of hanging on in hopes of making another huntboard which is silly as that in itself doesn't prohibit dressing what's there.  Apologies for the BFG in the mirror.