The first mini project I did was a Dolls House Emporium kit; a Georgian house called Wentworth Court.  I populated it with an imagined (and idealised) life there with my children in the eighties. The next was an Edwardian milliners and dress shop, followed by an English version of Chocolat (the book/movie) all with people and stories.

This time round it is still a Georgian house but occupied by an imaginary family in 2016.  I don't doubt there will be nods to my real life as I regard this as the Georgian dream home and bottomless pocket I would love in real life.

It will be inhabited by Elizabeth. Having attained her BA Hons from Manchester University she went on to do research in Cambridge and from this achieved her doctorate in English Literature.  Her particular interest being seventeenth century poetry.  She continues to lecture and write about her work and has chosen to remain in Cambridge.

She was married to an American academic but missed her home and England too much to live in America.  They divorced amicably and the children spend a lot of time between the two homes.  Joanne and Simon are now teenagers and are using their old playroom as their 'rec' room to play music, watch and play games on TV and generally hang out with friends. 

Eileen, the housekeeper has been with the family for many years from when the children were small - she is regarded as a surrogate granny by the children and a friend by Elizabeth.  She has a large apartment in the attic space but it is rarely used as she 'lives with' the family.  

Staying with them at the moment in the smaller self-contained flat in the attic is a post-graduate student called Annelise. She is working on her PhD in Cambridge and is very happy 'lodging' in Dalton House.

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