Wednesday, 30 January 2019

Some absolute gems

I was just saying to my daughter today that I haven't done a thing on Dalton house for a year now.  This led me to have a look at this blog - hey, guess what it's been more like eighteen months!!!

All I can say is somewhere around that time I was not in a great place health-wise - I am still not on fighting form - and then later that year we moved house from Bury, Lancashire to Newtongrange, Scotland.  I am wary about saying I hope to get back on track soon as I may well have said that before.😏

Meanwhile, back at the camp, some of my mojo must have returned because I have just bought these fabulous little bits from a very talented lady.  I follow her blog Mitch Moo Miniatures which I heartily commend to you.  She makes wonderful things for her own projects and is super generous in sharing the how-to with her readers.  For those of us with less talent/time/patience she occasionally makes and sells a piece or two on her Etsy site, Mitchy Moo Miniatures.  Here is what I have just snaffled.  I make no apology for giving each item two pictures as I want you to see her perfect scale.

So, so dainty and detailed

Closer up

Maybe this is a normal hairdryer alongside a giant's hair dryer

Just look at the detail on the back of it, love the hair gel that comes with it

My quite small specs and Pepper's really small specs

Sorry they are still in their bags and, yes, they have lenses in them

Just a decor item for somewhere


Jodi Hippler has just left me a message saying:  for those with Instagram Pepper posts photos of her wonders regularly, so you can follow her via @peppermitchelson.

Thanks Jodi.