Saturday, 4 June 2016

We proudly present

Tah Dah....... here is the house front pretty much finished.  Windows to glaze but don't want to do that when there is interior decorating to do.

sort of based on 38 Queens Square, Bristol

This is the back of the door at the basement level showing the bogey hole under the stairs.  The windows are just rough first coated in this picture and not stuck in place.

full size door in mud room

just needs filling with junk

Finally a glimpse through the front door to future possibilities - love the trompe l'oeil photo giving the building depth.


  1. Fantastic brickwork. Well worth the time it has taken you. Well done. You must have the patience of a saint.

  2. If there is anything I don't have in real life it is patience. One of the things about this hobby is that I constantly surprise myself finding bits of me I never knew I had. I actually enjoy doing the brickwork.... It's a sort of mindless in the moment thing..... Sometimes accompanied by radio four but most times just an hour or two of utter peace. I commend it to you.

  3. TAH DAH INDEED! Your patient brickwork looks Absolutely FABULOUS!!!! :D The color you chose looks solid, rich and your application- PROFESSIONAL!
    It's really Beautiful Marilyn, and I'm Gob-smacked. :))


  4. Thank you. If I had your painting talent I could do so much more. I am entirely dependant on the product, so thank heavens there is some stuff that works. Marilyn

  5. Hello Marilyn,
    It was well worth every minute you spent working on the bricks. It looks fantastic. What a beautiful building and you interpreted the style perfectly. I really love this house and can't wait to see more. It is a real little treasure.
    Big hug

  6. Well that makes two of us Giac! I can't wait to see more too.... I am at that stage where you hope for little dolls house elves (like the shoemaker's) to move in overnight and do all the problematic stuff for you. Each next job keeps being held up by having to solve other things first...... hey ho.... it will come. Marilyn