Saturday, 29 April 2017

Neurotic, moi?

I am writing this on 19 February having been away from this blog and Dalton House since October.  A lot of real life stuff has got in the way and I find if I break for too long it is difficult to get back.

Today, I decided, was the day to pick up the reins.  Facing me right now are a lot of 'problems' with putting in two of my own interior walls - having changed the basic kit.  This has had a knock on effect with lighting and decorating and the order in which to do things.

I began the day there but decided I really needed to get back in slowly..... so it began with a tiny job I had also put off for a long while.

Some time ago I bought a pair of console lamps (pretty pricey) and one of them didn't have the little ball feet that the other one did and there were a couple of other (poorly made) issues.  The vendor gave me the name of the maker and said she would send feet and I could glue this and fix that etc.  No response from the maker so I needed to get things fixed.

had feet but the base wasn't glued

no feet on this one, so added those

I could only get silver (wanted gold) no hole beads at the last show I was at, so I used four of those for the feet.  They will be painted 'brass' soon.  I then then glued the bases in place on both of them.  Straightening the shades was a challenge as they were on a fine soldered frame which I didn't want to bend or break.  I then twisted the wire so that it looked more realistic.  It will show because it will travel through a plug and socket to exit the back wall to make it more realistic. 

my lovely little wall plugs that allow wires through

All this and then they will live at the back of the sitting room and be barely visible.

Don't fret, the table and the rug are not staying

Might keep the mirror - paint gold? or paint creamy white?

Luckily I know a couple of other mini folk who are as fussy as me about detail so I don't feel too bad.

This footnote is being added in April!  You might not get a post for a while.  I banked a lot of posts months ago and this is the last of those.  I haven't actually been near the project since before Christmas.  I am doing my utmost this week to get back on track.  It isn't for lack of wanting to, I am just at 'sixes and sevens' with life stuff.  



  1. Hi Marilyn!
    I have to say that I Have and LOVE these light fixtures but I Never seen them with ball feet before but the feet kick the fixture up another notch so thanks for the idea!
    I think that your faux light sockets are SPLENDID, they really further the illusion of reality and it is these little extra details which I simply adore.
    The furniture arrangement is lovely too with the 2 sofas opposite each other and the Magnificent occasional chairs. but have you also tried bringing the chairs to the foreground and moving the sofas closer to the fireplace?
    Just a thought.
    Meanwhile, I hope that your RL gets back on track for you soon. Life Stuff happens, because it's Real Life.
    Hang in there, Em.


    1. Thank you Elizabeth for the good wishes. I will fiddle around with the furniture loads more I don't doubt it - desperate for a suitable coffee table and mirror before settling on anything. Just like to keep practising to see what else I might need. M

  2. Hi Marilyn twisting the wire is a good observation especially for a 40s house. Besh Wishes for a more settled RL.. X

    1. Hi Wilma, Thank you. Still mountains to climb.....
      Yes two strands of wire would drive me nuts so I need to spend some quiet time tiddling them together neatly to look like the real McCoy. M

  3. Hello Marilyn
    I think your room is beautiful and I like the furniture arrangement. I love your lamps and actually have a pair in my "real life" dining room similiar to them. If, but only if, you want to accentuate the lamps I might suggest painting (?) the shades, maybe a color in your wallpaper??? I am no decorator so happily ignore my suggestion, you are the pro and I would hate to suggest something that turned out horrid. I hope "real life" allows you to get back on tract. I enjoy your posts!

    1. I totally agree about the lamp shades but never get brave enough to tackle them. I will do something with them though - plain white against that wallpaper just gets lost. As you say pick out something from the paper and paint them; it can't be that challenging.
      Thank you for the 'pro' comment - I promise you I am no such thing. I bumble from one aspect of dollhousing to the next and learn on the job - that's why I like it so much. I have a low boredom threshold and would quickly tire of something I knew how to do. I am back on task and loving t and it makes for a great distraction. Such a nice hobby. M