Sunday, 18 June 2017

Dolls House & Miniatures Fair, York, 4 June 2017

Just thought I would share the few things I bought at the York Show - they are not especially inspiring and certainly not unusual but maybe there's something you haven't seen before.....

If you hover over the name of any vendor I mention you will see there is a link to their website - just click on the name.
There will be fitted carpet in the bedroom in the roof apartment.  I think the usual carpet fabrics you see around are usually very 'harsh' and there is a pretty limited in choice; especially for a lady who must have gone through fifty shades of cream/taupe/beige for her real life room last year.  Happily it turns out that Romney Miniatures does a nice line in what I presume is velvet.  The size is a generous 15 x 20.5 inches so would cope with most dolls house rooms - maybe even twice.

I am yet unable to go to a show where Maria's Fabrics has a table and not buy anything, York was no exception.  The two matching silks are for the library drapes some long time in the future.  The lovely soft, fine green wool was intended for a rug in the elusive sitting room but I am hanging loose on that AGAIN for now.

I have waited ages to get to Romney's at a show to pick up more shrink tubing ready for the big (eventual) wiring event.  The restraint was mostly because I love to save postage costs when I know I will be going to a show some time.  Romney's said they no longer sell it. Panic moment but then realised Ray Storey was at York and, yes, he does sell it but he didn't have any at the show.  I duly ordered six packs of five plus £1 pp which I had been skinnily avoiding for weeks and when I got back from Edinburgh this was waiting for me.  I am sure it will be fine but I have always used something thinner and clear so am left wondering  .......

Tee Pee Crafts do a decent range of frames for pictures or mirrors.  They are reasonably thin so are pretty much in scale unlike many others you find.  They are also a good price.  I picked up four pairs for starters.

Delph Miniatures is another vendor I can't resist and I always have a rummage on the reduced table first.  This show they had a very nice American Style fridge for £25 instead of £75 because the paint job was a bit flawed.  Much deliberation on my part (a) would it show? (b) don't student rentals have 'scuffed' stuff? (c) could I respray it?  Finally I left it, but that is my regret-no-purchase for this show - there  is always one.

The cucumber (!) and roll of rubbish bags came out of the 50p box - these and the wall phone are destined for the apartment.  That phone is looking a bit big????  The weekly planner is for the mud room wall or the hive.

The wretched rug for the sitting room has become a sort of albatross for this project.  I don't want to think how many I have bought.  Here I go again.  Too small and too bright but ii is in the room for now.  Thanks to Dream Home Miniatures for another attempt at the rug from hell.

Practical Stuff again but you wouldn't believe how many times I went round the Show trying to find the perfect dado rail - too wide, too skinny, not detailed enough, too detailed, poor quality wood.  I made that sound as though there was loads of choice - I found three vendors selling it.  After all that faff I fell back to my go-to vendor for just about everything - Jennifers of Walsall.  At least I can now finish off the music room build.

These ceiling roses were a nice find.  They are plaster and finely moulded - unusual - even some of the expensive ones can be 'lumpy'.  These were £1.50 each so an absolute gift.  The base and bust were a couple of pounds each and I thought he looked like a mad Beethoven so he'll do me nicely in the music room for 'inspirational thought'.  These were from Pandora's Box Miniatures

Many apologies for the lack of exciting finds but I confess that was how I felt about the fair.  I am sure that was more to do with me rather than the eighty vendors and their thousands of items.

If you want to read about the show click here:  Dollhouse Trips and Shows


Finally, and a bit of a cheat, as these were not bought at the fair because no-one had them.  This is some very mundane balsa wood to cut up to make inners for the rest of my books.  I know the quantity is overkill but again it was all I could find in the right two thicknesses.  I particularly want balsa so I can cut it easily with a knife and be able to round off the back edges for the spine of the book.  I am sure you will see me making them soon.  I got these from a Hobbycraft Store in Edinburgh.



  1. I decided to got to the York fair to pick up some rolled lead from Romney Miniatures. That was it. That's all I needed and yet I came away £205 lighter...Glad I didn't stop at Delphs reduced table or it would have been more :0)

    1. ooohhhh such a familiar story usually for me - no idea what was wrong with me this time - can I go back and have another go? You missed a great fridge!! repainting for you holds no fear. Marilyn

  2. Preciosas compras y muy prácticas,feliz domingo:-)

    1. Feliz domingo - un caliente aquí! Gracias por su visita.

  3. Hello Marilyn,
    I am sorry the fair did not wow you more then that...but I must say I love the rug you found and the frames and mirrors are gorgeous.
    Big hug

    1. Hello Giac, I am sure it was more down to me than to the fault of the show. I can remember how excited I was by shows when I first went to them but I have been lucky enough to be able to do a ton of them over the years and to be spoiled by the huge shows in the States. I am just spoiled and sort of behaved that way that day! Marilyn

  4. 80 vendors......I would be in "hog heaven!" I really like your rug for the music room. On my computer screen it doesn'the look too bright. Looking forward to seeing the finished room with Beethoven in it! Have a nice day.


    1. Hi Beth, I know....fancy moaning about walking round eighty vendors!!! Talk about spoiled rotten. Just put it down to a bad day on my part. I will be a good girl next time, promise. Marilyn

    2. Sorry, I should have read more closely. The rug is for your sitting room, not music room. It will still look beautiful. Off to work to earn mini pennies!

    3. That's OK, won't test you later, no idea how you manage to keep up with all the switches and changes that go on in my blog. Keep the pennies rolling in. Marilyn