Saturday, 2 September 2017

Just tweaking

Nothing is so good that it can't be improved.

Interior door knobs

I posted ages ago about being peeved about door knobs and not being thrilled with the plain brass kind for the music room and library.  I managed to find ones I liked better and decided to do a swap.

For any door knob I do look for ones that are connected with a little threaded rod so even these plain, rather too large ones, were easy enough to remove and switch to something I like better.

unscrew the old

I held the finger plates for the new ones in place and marked up where I needed to put black ink to simulate a keyhole.  I already had holes for the rod of course so no drilling was needed.

mark up the keyhole and colour in a black area

 Then it was just a simple job of adding a couple of touches of superglue for the plates and screwing together the new knobs.

Large rug needed
Also a while ago I showed you how I had joined two rugs together to make a larger rug for the music room and I was reasonably pleased with the end result.  When I got it out again I saw how it could be improved on.

The white edges shouted out against the wood floor, especially as there was no white in the pattern of the rug itself.

so white

All it took to remedy this was a black permanent ink Sharpie pen .....

new black edges

 .........and a couple of minutes 'colouring in'.

half done, doesn't the black edge look better?



  1. Love the new doorknobs and the black edging to the rug is a marked improvement!

    1. With mini things it seems detail matters. Nice to see you. M

  2. Looking good! The black pen made a huge difference to the rug, and totally agree about the door knobs - so much nicer!

    1. Thank you. Sometimes I enjoy the tiddly little things best of all, they sometimes make such a difference.

  3. Those door plates really do jazz up the doors! Very nice! Good call on the rug edging, too! It is such a lovely rug to begin with, but now it's even better! :O)

    1. Thanks Jodi worth going back and going over it. M

  4. Both of your improvements are for the better...the black edging on the rug is a great way to ensure all the colours and pattern appear more striking. The door plates are a lovely way to increase the visual appeal of the door. :) Cheers, Alayne

    1. Hi its good sometimes just to take a second look at things. M