Sunday, 10 June 2018

First things first

Before I can crack on with anything else such as lighting or the fourth walls or drapery I need to put the rooms back to rights.

I had six boxes packed with the mini house contents and I assumed they would pretty much be one box per room but discovered that wasn't the case as soon as I began to unpack them.  I had used the space judiciously and  fitted in what I could where.  The first two boxes revealed the mixed contents of three rooms.  Decision made.... I opened each box and just shoved the objects found into the room where it would eventually reside.  They will get sorted one by one.
I so hate muddles

I count my blessings that only one item was damaged in the move and it wasn't such a precious one, other than the time I had put into making it.

quickly sorted with a little wood glue and a good squeeze

After doing a rough sort I concentrated on getting one room right.  For today I only had time to do the one.... the Hive (my workroom in the basement)

The Ikea corner worktable still had all its little things in place and I was able to give it a quick dust over with a soft paintbrush.
It is hard to pick a favourite object

The swivel chair swivels and the scale of the off-cuts of wood is just perfect.  I think they came from a Jane Harrop kit along with the wallpaper and flooring.  I remember making the cardboard boxes and rolling the paper and finding more wood.  

love the extension lead - Delph probably

The IKEA computer trolley is a copy of my real one.  Unfortunately the processor unit is too big for its space (not in real life).  the castors really work and the keyboard tray slides in and out.  I remember the very many coats of paint I had to apply to get a proper IKEA finish on these pieces of furniture.

one of my favourite bits of furniture

Another IKEA copy - my trolley that my Dalton sits on is just like this and has castors so I can get to the back for wiring or just to move it from A to B easily.  Since this basic concept I have added drawers to my real one but this is just fine as a reminder as to where it all began.

The Jane Harrop dolls house has a roof panels than comes off allowing the front to be removed.  You could quite easily complete this with 144th paper, paint and furniture.

Love the working castors

This is a view of the room with everything back in place.  It used to be the housekeepers room in the original house and still has the lockable Georgian linen cupboards at the back of the room - great storage for Elizabeth's mini stuff.

note the radiator and the plug sockets

This room just needs a multi-frame picture on the wall containing family photos which is what I have in my room.

I have gone through many transformations of my work space since this mini room began so my current (new) room doesn't look like this but the trolley and the computer table remain and I have memories of working at that corner table in the spare room and then the summer house through one summer a few years ago.

Apropos of nothing in particular I came across this image which amused me as we still have a sort of 'open-all-hours' hardware in the village we have moved to not too dissimilar to this.  What a cracking project for somebody.

This is not ancient history but post-war (my own childhood)


  1. Glad you're slowly getting settled in! Hope you're enjoying your new home!

  2. Whew! So glad to hear that your minis survived the move and that your only casualty was a table leg which can be easily repaired.
    Your mini IKEA pieces for your workroom are SPLENDID, Marilyn! At first sight I thought the corner worktable was Full-scale so a Big Bravo!!! :D
    I REALLY love the floor to ceiling cupboards in your mini "Hive" ( sigh )
    how lovely to have a place for everything and everything in its place. ❤

    side note:
    A couple of years ago, I found my son's old IKEA computer desk (on casters) abandoned in the garage, and just as with yours, its become the Ideal stand for my dollhouse! :)

    1. Genius using your son's desk on casters. I had all sorts of ways and means of moving my houses prior to this but it is so flipping obvious once you have it on wheels that the struggle is over. Certainly while you are messing with its actual construction, painting, wiring etc. Thank you for your nice words about the room. I love the linen cupboards too they were bespoke made for me by ELF miniatures. That does sound posh but it really isn't she pretty much produces a bespoke at similar price to her off the shelf things. Like you I envy my little person her storage. M

  3. What an exciting day you must have had, opening and pouring over the contents of each box. Did you find pieces you'd forgotten about? I too love the linen cupboards, they're beautifully made and exactly how they would have been used in a period property converted to modern day living.

    1. It was lovely revisiting stuff, even when it is in the house you don't get to interact with it in the same way as unwrapping it and putting it back in place. The linen cupboard kit was a joy to make up and put in place and just what I wanted.


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