Monday, 23 November 2015

York Show

I am one weary woman, even the day after the York Show.  Four hours solid mini shopping is about my limit it would seem.

Go to the Show Blog if you want to know about the show itself.

I am hoping that my latest purchases give me the much needed spur to get started again on my project.  To be fair much of its languishing is that I really haven't had time since we got home to settle back into it but, looking at my diary for the coming week (busy today too!), I may be able to get going again.

The show was also a part-excuse for not getting anything done as I would have liked some unusual lighting and thought I would hold off until after the show.  I was hoping to 'fall across' some lights that would please me but, in truth, I didn't have high hopes as I pretty much know everything that is out there.  I was right - either I have them already or I don't want them.  So, I will definitely have to use whatever I already have and get the basement lit as my next step to allow me to travel on up a floor and get started on the ground level of the house.

Here are my treasures arranged in groups from the five vendors I bought from.  You can see each item separately in the Purchases Album if you want to.

Mini Mcgregor

Lovely scale and detail on her stuff.  You have to pay a visit to the opening matchbox that she makes...knocks me out every time.   The Christmas parcels are actually in her 1/24th area so they make beautifully wrapped small Christmas gifts.

The Ironworks and Black Country Miniatures

I have no idea what I will do with the Christmas decorations but they just had to be had.  As for the others - yet more stuff I once owned and have had to buy again.

The Craft Pack Company
Did I mention I have chosen pre-Christmas as my moment in time - not sure if the decorations will be up or just being sorted - right now think I prefer the latter otherwise the house with get 'swamped' and I don't think I want it to be frozen like that.
Delph Miniatures

These Delph creations were bought in two goes as my first attempt was well-disciplined and I knew my spending limit.  About ten minutes later I went back and bought the rest.  The sort of logic is - I have to have them some time, so...

Maria's Fabrics

This is really gorgeous silk at a really good price - £1.80 a piece and 11 x 13 inches.  I also got some very nice cotton fabric for 90p and some cute chenille fringing (no idea what for!) which was in her 1/24th range.


  1. Glad to hear you enjoyed the Show Marilyn and you found some really good stuff. (Just a shame you had some of it and moved it on - that's maddening, isn't it?)

    I like your little lady too - she's a good one. Was she a purchase too? I agree with what you say about the lights - we could do with more of a selection in different styles - especially (for me) table lamps!

  2. My lady (also previously owned!!) was a purchase from Minimum World - she 'features' in a 7 November post called Don't raise your hopes. Lights have always frustrated me from the beginning so it's not just about what period you are doing. Did you go to York?