Tuesday, 3 November 2015

My lovely Linda Tulchinksy box and other stuff

I promised you a link to the photos I took of the lovely little box I won in a raffle at the Atlanta show, here they are:  LT Box

I haven't had a chance to take better ones or more of them but even with what I have here you can see what a great prize that was.

I did manage to get an address for the lady who made it, so I was able to write her a note to thank her.  I also am indebted to Kim Sher (organiser of Florida shows) for her help and kindness in emailing that to me.  Sometimes in life what goes round, comes round.  I was able to drop off an electrified turntable with her when we did our overnighter in Orlando before flying home.  Here's a snip from my Clavering describing that expedition:

Our next delivery of the day was a large electric turntable I had. It was brand new, cost around sixty bucks and would have been binned had I not had the brainwave of asking Kim Sher ..... runs the Miniaturia shows ...... If she knew anyone who could use it. She was going to collect it from us.

I gave her a ring and we decided to meet her and her husband in The Tavern in Celebration. So, off back to the car and a thirty minute ride over there. Guess what, they also had a festival on (Oktoberfest) with roads closed and no parking any where. Clearly the Naples Gods had hitched a ride as, by pure fluke, we pulled up behind the back of a restaurant where there was a tow truck to ask directions. The building turned out to be the Tavern. I asked the tow guy if he'd let my husband 'lurk' while I delivered a parcel. Deal done, I dashed round the corner only to discover the restaurant was pretty big, totally full and I wasn't all that sure I would know Kim in mufti. Indeed, I have no idea how I found her, or recognised her, but I did.

..........  and here's the article itself in case you haven't seen one of these - utterly brilliant but too big to take home.  It allows you to light your house but still turn it a full 360 degrees:

We have been back a week and there is still some sorting out to do especially as we intend to 'refurb' the house!  Hopefully this doesn't stop me returning to my mini project very soon.

First off, in my workroom, I had to find a place for all of these:

No wonder we couldn't bring much else back with us!  I also had my on-board case filled with the more delicate items.

I had to clear out the triple wardrobe in my work room as it was needed for extra clothes and linens from Naples.  So the best part of one day was spent having a huge sort out and tidy up and an extra piece of storage kit added.  Maybe now I am good to go.

This is a trolley from Ikea - not especially cheap at £49 but very sturdy and capacious and rolls around easily.  It was hard to decide what to put where but this is the work in progress.  Basically it holds stuff I'd like pretty much to hand rather than put away in drawers.

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