Saturday, 16 July 2016

Dormer windows

The following post is how I went about making the dormer windows on this build.  It won't be the same for every kit but you can generalise from this and see what you might like to consider as you go along.

I put the first dormer together having decided to have it painted rather than bricked.

I didn't like this as it seemed to dominate the house so I rubbed down the paint and covered the surface in bricks.  I thought this had gone totally the opposite way and was now too insignificant.  I decided to add a window trim.  You'll see the final result at the end of this post.

Now I had the prototype in place I could work on the other two dormers.  Tidy up the edges of the pieces and work out how they go together to identify the walls and the roof pieces.  You'll be astounded how many ways you can fit five pieces of wood together.

Paint the walls and inside roof panels white

Using the prototype work out what edges need to be painted slate colour; paint these and the tops of the roof

Glue the dormer walls together and paint the sides and edges to match the bricks.  I actually changed this later and painted the sides and edges with mortar paint (with the sand in) and then over-painted it with the brick colour.  I paint a little around the edges where the bricks are going to hide any imperfections.

Paint the front in mucky paint for the mortar under the brickwork.

Cut and paint the window trims

Stick bricks on the front face

Add the trims and paint inside the rebate

Glue in window frames

Glue the walls on to the main roof and then add the dormer roof sections

The end result just waiting for tiles.

This is the first build where I haven't added lead flashing.  There is no particular reason other than I am trying to make my brain accept that I am making a dolls house, not a miniature.  It is a case of selecting out some steps.


  1. Hi Marilyn! Your brickwork was the right choice and I am glad that you went with it! I failed at geometry and so I too know that 5 pieces of wood can go together in odd configurations. You, however have made a very good job of your dormer window project. :))


    1. They aren't perfect by a long shot but that is the makers fault not mine. They will certainly do.

  2. Hello Marilyn,
    Good call on the brick. It looks beautiful! Dormers really are a wonderful architectural element and I look forward to seeing the effect when the roof tiles are all down. The building is looking gorgeous!
    Big hug

    1. Hi Giac, glad you think the brick looks OK. The dormers will just have simple roller blinds as they are a pig to add drapes to, just as in real life; at least in real life you aren't working on them upside down as you do with these once the rood section is hinged on!