Saturday, 23 July 2016

ELF kit - the mud room

I think I shared this a while ago....

ELF kit for my mud room

Those pieces of wood, plus a washing machine and a fridge are destined to become this....

The plan
This is a piece of dark mahogany for the work surface.  The dark shiny area is just a small amount of Antiquax (solid wax polish) rubbed in for a finish.  The contrast between the 'raw' wood and the waxed wood is amazing.

magical finish with wax

The finished piece - one coat of wax applied with a cloth or a brush (I prefer cloth), let it dry and buff with soft cloth.  Do more coats if you like.

ready and waiting

First make a box for the cupboard and then repeat ...... three times for the lower cupboards and twice for the wall cupboards

The spare pieces are 'feet' and also act as plinth supports

When you have made the boxes do a dry fit........ and discover they don't fit!!  Entirely my fault I gave Elizabeth the wrong measurements!!!  Gave her the front of the room measurements which differs by quite a lot from the back of the room.  Talk about rookie error!!

The aaaaarrrggghhh moment
The two side cupboards need a quarter of an inch shaved off them.  Not easy to disassemble glued bass wood without it snapping.

saw, knife, scissors, whatever it takes

Do a dry fit again and this time the cupboards can be glued together

....... and feet and plinth added

Ta dah - they fit

Just need their doors

The wall cupboards are made in a similar way

make the basic boxes

Add a trim to the bottom of the cupboard to conceal the lights I will be putting under them.

three pieces cut ready to glue in place

Add a trim to the cupboard top

This will have an architrave added to this support piece

All the basic cupboard pieces are assembled.  Now for the job I don't especially like.  They will all need painting before assembly.  

44 bits of wood

Here's a link to ELF if you want to take a look round - lovely stuff.


  1. Hello Marilyn,
    That looks gorgeous! What a great kit and the finish on the countertop is lovely. It will be a gorgeous mudroom.
    Big hug

    1. Thank you Giac. Elizabeth does make great things. Turns ideas into reality. One of these days I might get as brave as you and try to make my own things. Right now I plead no materials, no tools and no skills on my part and vindicate this with - well i do have to assemble it. Marilyn

  2. Hi Em! I have to commend you on a BEAUTIFUL mud room! I think that your stainless steel sink looks Marvelous, and the washer and under counter fridge and the overhead storage really look Smart! I am sure that you must be thrilled to see the results of all your careful planning come together so well! :D


    1. Thank you Elizabeth. Oh for a mud room in real life! Marilyn