Saturday, 28 January 2017

Some EBay bargains

Google +, which I never wanted but seem to have acquired (????) has messed with my links and photo albums here there and everywhere, including one on this blog.  It is currently 'repaired' (24/07/16) so if you ever want to know where I got something you see being used on this project just click on the Purchases Album link in the margin of the blog and it will be there along with the vendors name.  The exception being anything I buy on EBay of course.

Here are my latest bargains from there:

Jim Coates mirror

Ladies Mile rose

Dollhouse Flooring Decrastone Hearths

The above three are 'proper' traders and can be found via EBay or a web trawl.  The two purchases below were from (no repeat) private sellers.

Anything I have blogged about to do with purchases ca be found by clicking on the Purchases Link under the Labels heading in the margin



  1. GREAT Finds Marilyn! I've never heard of LAZY DAISY flower kits, have you used them before?


  2. It is the name of the kits from Ladies Mile miniatures. I can't for the life of me remember the name of the lady....maybe Terea???...I did a class at a show with her once which was great and came away with a lovely plant, my first go at making plants. I got the bug! These kits are terrific and you'll feel so smart when you've done them.

  3. Thank you. Nice to have even if they don't make it to this project. Marilyn

  4. Hello Marilyn,
    Great purchases! The tables are wonderful and I love the Jim Coates mirror.
    Big hug

  5. Aren't the Jim Coates things lovely - so thin and no clunk in sight. Downside - they are quite pricey for us in the UK when the postage is added. I just so wanted it. M