Sunday, 28 April 2019

Just a couple of notes

While posting this I am hoping it will serve as a record in years to come of the time that my three year old grandson became fascinated with miniatures. None of my family has the slightest interest but the joy of having a toddler around is that they are interested in EVERYTHING.  He loves nanny's little house even though he isn't allowed to play with it, so I decided to buy him this for his birthday:

right side
left side



sitting room

 For under twenty-five pounds I thought it was absolutely brilliant with enough detail but still able to be played with easily.  Everything you see was in there - other than the cat which I added. Cupboard doors and drawers open, cushions come off, bedding etc is all loose, the figures' arms and legs can be bent........   I am having so much fun....... ahhh, no, what I meant to say was .......  he is having so much fun.

You may have forgotten by now I made an ELF media centre for the TV for the student apartment but then decided I wanted legs.  Elizabeth-the-fab-one duly sent me a pre-drilled plinth (?) and four dinky legs.

Just two coats of paint and a bit of glue and they were attached..... but.... because of wretched skirting boards (just like real life) the base does not sit against the wall and so the top appears to be floating in space somehow - I know that even in real life it would be attached to the wall but it does look odd to me.

So, I levered off the top of the unit and re-glued it with the overhang that was once at the front of the piece, now at the back

All lined up and sitting better.  The TV was super-glued on to the wall unit and then the complete thing was tacky-waxed in place.  The gap is now credible somehow and any way, it is hidden by a large yellow chair.

et voila - one media unit with TV

This is how the room currently looks - waiting for its ceiling light and for the lamp to be plugged in and a big green plant in the far corner and, and, and, and......

For Mothers Day, now long since gone, I had these little gems from Handmade Miniatures by Alma.  Her site is closed right now but hopefully she will return.  I am just so happy I ordered when I did.

her lovely packaging is part of her charm for sure

She even sent me a gift! 
 When I tell you that the spaghetti packet is a scant one inch and the printed label is even printed on the back, you will understand why I am in awe of her perfect scale.  The spice rack is just a dream - I have no idea what she fills the little jars with but the colours and textures are perfect.  The pink milk, also in glass, is so pretty and will make a lovely yogurt drink for my French student who is a bit of a foody I think.


  1. Replies
    1. They truly are. They are so teeny and so perfect.

  2. Children just have a wonderful imagination when it comes to miniatures, don't they. That's why I spend more time with my Neice, making things than any other member of my family. The house for your Grandson is perfect!
    Totally agree, the tv stand needed to be on legs. The whole room looks great

    1. Thank you Pepper. It is odd how some rooms seem to elude you and this is one of them. I kept chopping and changing ideas and ultimately even actual stuff I had chosen for the space. Nothing worked for me. I think I finally have the bones of it in place and all the rest to make it look lived in should follow easily now. Such a small space to make such a fuss over it. As for baby O....first thing he decided to do on seeing it was to bathe and put the family to bed.

  3. I wish my niece or nephews were even halfway interested in minis. What a great dollhouse though! Fun to play with but the furniture looks like it could fit into a more adult build.

    1. It is really nice stuff for such a bargain price. I love the nest of tables and was sorely tempted. I am hoping to catch him young and indoctrinate him then his mom will be stuck with Dalton House when I pop my clogs. Cunning plan

  4. I'd have a hard time NOT playing with that amazing little house myself! It's got so much style and so much to keep him interested long into the future! You are creating a mini buddy there for sure, Marilyn!
    Wonderful solution on the TV stand - the room looks beautiful! And what fun miniatures you've chosen! They'll be perfect!

    1. I 'loaned' him some plates and jugs and teapot on his last visit - then stole them back a few days ago - first thing he remembered when he arrived today - where's my jug and teapot - hey ho - never share a mini if you don't mean it! Thank you for the compliments on TV stand and minis - love this hobby.


  5. "I am hoping to catch him young and indoctrinate him then his mom will be stuck with Dalton House when I pop my clogs. Cunning plan" - too funny Marilyn!!! :D
    Meanwhile, your grandson should be Thrilled to have such a Marvellous little house which is sturdily made for excited little hands to handle.
    And I also think that your lovely new spice rack, spaghetti, and yogurt along with the new legs on your t.v. stand, will be providing You with more fun-filled hours of playtime too! ;D


    1. Hi Elizabeth,
      yes, I think I need to treat myself more :D


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