Saturday, 10 October 2015

Guess who..

I had to come out of my (24 hour) retirement because I received a package today that is so exquisite it has to be shared with other mini folk.  My other half is a rock but hasn't a clue what I am whoopee doing about.

Parcel one was my marble top table kit and was expected and very nice.

My second parcel was a raffle prize I won at the Orlando Show.  The organiser sent me a message on during the second day of the show to tell me to go and collect it.  Unfortunately we had left early so I suggested she just re-used it.  She kindly said she would mail it.  A time elapsed.... Turns out she was caught up in her son's wedding.... So I just forgot about it.

This was in my second package

It is in half scale and the detail and workmanship is incredible.  The name on the base is Linda Tulchinsky.  I so wish there was a way to thank her.

It is in a plastic cube

And is three-sided

I will make an album of photos showing every little detail when I get home and put the link here, meanwhile just click on these pictures to enlarge them and just look at this ladies work.  For any one-twelfers the height of the building is just over five inches and the table is about one and a quarter inches high.  That might give you some idea of just how tiny those pots of acrylic paint are, not to mention the pencil.  You may spot an empty cupboard on the right - believe it or not it has actual runners in it and some plastic box/trays which slot in.  They have fallen out in transit and I would like my long-nosed tweezers.... back home .... to help me put them back in place.

Isn't this just the best.

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