Saturday, 30 January 2016

Back in my stride

Can anyone prevaricate, procrastinate and just generally dither as much as I do about any 'next step' in building the house.

My latest flap is whether to cover the boards in bricks and then add trim on top of those or to add the trims first and work round them.  Here's the thinking (aka dithering).

Trims first and then bricks makes for a flatter neater finish but cutting bricks into all kinds of shapes and sizes to dance around the trims is a real pain in the proverbial - I know because I have always done it this way.

This time I would like to just slap bricks everywhere and apply trims over them.... will it sit nicely on top of bricks and will the glue work OK?

Today's decision is to have a go at the second method.

Meanwhile I am becoming very disciplined about splitting my days in two so I get a ton of playtime.  In the olden days when I still had to go out to work the house still got 'run' just fine and we had clean clothes and food when needed so why do I devote whole days to 'real life' when it was once squeezed into weekends and a couple of hours each evening.

My current routine is to use the mornings on domesticity (and emails!!), cooking lunch for around one and then, after that I will work on my hobby until 6.30pm.  My commute to and from 'work' can be arduous each day as it is exactly seven steps door to door.  Lucky lady.

Here's what I have achieved in a couple of days.

camouflage doors painted now lots to think about

making exterior paint

just add this to your paint

Victorian trim, needs to come off

done (plus a cut finger) and the door removed for painting

painted all this lot

made the quoins look like quoins

The trims for this house are roughly cut and need work.  The two sets of quoins are done.  I have also tidied 13 windows with twelve panes each (!) and they are now sitting in their box awaiting paint.The thirteen stone trims which surround the windows also tidied up but they have been painted so are all ready to go.

It is lovely doing mindless jobs whilst listening to Radio i-Player.  I am a bit of a talk-radio fan and love Radio Four - mostly dramas and books.  I am currently following an interesting serial (The Secret History) so I particularly look forward to that each day.  This hobby allows for radio time, not much else in my life does.  Bonus.  

One smug lady.


  1. A bit late, but Happy New Year and yes, I can procrastinate for Scotland. It's all to do with sorting out the jobs in your head. This has to be done before that, and that can't be done until that little task has been completed, then there's the waiting for supplies during which time another idea can formulate and before you know it, another month has passed!

    It's great to see you finally starting work on the outside and I hope it doesn't cause you too many problems. Looking forward to lots of progress pics.

  2. You too Irene. Nice to see you. Precisely my problem - a head full of ifs, buts and what-ifs and noting actually being achieved. I am doing my real life house at the same time as this and I do exactly the same there. So I am always thrilled when I actually get something done and just pray a lot that it will be OK for me. So far small world is working out OK, big world not so much!! I have a post a week already in place right up to 2nd April so you've a bit to go at for a while. I do it this way because if I am doing a really slow job like sticking down 2,000 bricks you won't have to wait around until that's finished. Enjoy my trials and tribulations. Marilyn