Sunday, 3 January 2016

If you need versi products buy NOW!!!!

As this is so last minute this probably wont find a single person to help but always worth a shot.  If you use Richard Stacey's products on your builds - bricks, slates, floors you need to get over to their online ordering in the next twelve hours.  Right now in the proper shop products are already reduced - 1000 bricks for example from the usual price of £12.95 to £11.65 but in addition to this if you can get to the online ordering site you will get a further 10% discount.

So, if you need any kind of walls, floors, roof covering Richard Stacey is always the place to go and for the next twelve hours is offering a double discount. So go take a look.

I use the Versi products on all my builds - they look great and don't add weight BUT RS also makes the most wonderful range of real stone, slate and marble and all kinds of brick slips.  You will need to finish the floors and the exterior somehow so, pootle on over......

Click here for

extra 10% on line ordering

usual shop link for Richard Stacey

The finish on my Bentleys and Chocolat

red versi bricks and grey slates

yellow buff versi bricks and terracotta tiles

As with all kinds of online shopping do your very best to make sure you have ordered everything you will want from a vendor in one go (if you can afford to do it).  I 'saved' £40.89 on postage by making myself spend more than I am comfortable with right now so I could get everything I think I am going to need from them to complete dalton's exterior.  Fingers crossed my calculations are good.

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