Saturday, 16 January 2016

End of wiring (for now)

Between this blog and the videos, I have pretty much covered how to get a light or fire into your house ready for the grand tidy up at the back and the eventual meeting up with the power.  I will be covering the connecting part much, much further down the line.  If you follow me in any way you will be sick of hearing how I am trying to stretch out this build indefinitely as it will have to be my last one - no more room for another house and I won't want to 'give' this one away - so the connecting to power will be pretty much the last task.

Here are the three lights I was messing around with during the last few posts.

In the children's Rec room (EBay find)

In the Mud room

In the Hive

If you wonder what the heck those rooms are I have finally settled on what their names are.

The Rec room is pretty much what has always been called since the shift from the 17th to the 20th century!  

The Mud room was being called the utility room but I have now decided a house of this size will have a laundry/utility room backing on to this one but it is useful to have somewhere to wash muddy wellies and kid's dirty sports stuff and for Elizabeth to use when she is in the Hive working on her dollhousing projects.  I have sink, cupboards etc on order from ELF as I type - watch this space.

The Hive replaces 'workroom'.  I have had a posh workroom built in real life and got fed up calling it the hut as it is far too grand for that so it has become the Hive.  As Elizabeth is sort of my alter ego she too plays with minis in her Hive.

Confusing running alongside me!

I am unable to share vendors for these lights as two of them just came out of a box of lights I have since time immemorial; the third was just an eBay find.  You can find anyone of them without too much web trawling, they are pretty standard items.  

I used the Hive one in my Chocolat project and one of the bulbs sometimes needed a bit of a tweak to get it to light up.....  bet you can guess which of the three bulbs it was...... yup, the one facing the back of the room.  I live in hopes this one loves me.

Every one of these rooms will have more lights added as these don't exactly light up the room.  Rec room will have a couple of wall lights and maybe floor lamp.  The Hive will have a table lamp.  The Mud room will have under cupboard strip lighting.


  1. The last one at the bottom is definitely still on sale with Dolls House Emporium and other vendors. I think the middle one was Matlock miniatures but, again, I see it around now and then when I am light trawling. The top one I googled '1/12th miniatures light with fan' - got a ton of choices and picked this one from EBay - you can turn the blades with your finger - no idea why you'd want to though ...... Thanks for saying you like them - I have a horrible time with lighting can never find what I want. Marilyn