Friday, 19 February 2016

Delph Miniatures - plug and socket for lamps

I have another huge favourite vendor called Delph Miniatures.  This is a mother and daughter team who can make just about anything 'modern' you might need.  A couple of her makes have been fish and chip shop fryers in two scales! and a mortuary fridge complete with body.  The creations are truly in the realms of, if you can think it Kath can make it.

I once asked her to make me a Yale lock and she did - I have just bought another for this project.  She also works in spot on 1/12th scale

 Kath (and Margaret) makes and sells single and double wall sockets waiting to be used around the house.  I believe she also makes the old brown Bakerlite type of electrical sockets used in houses well into the early sixties in this country.

There are a number of appliances you can buy already plugged in.  

So most electrical things that you don't want to light up are well covered by what she does.

However, I have a couple of table lamps and standard lamps which, in real life, would be plugged in.  I then needed to connect the wire to the electrical source so the lamps could be lit.  I couldn't see a sensible reason for traveling wires here and there and then having to conceal the fact that they weren't actually plugged in.

I came up with the wheeze of  getting some plugs in sockets from her and drilling below the plug and passing the wire through and then through the usual hole in the wall and on to the power source.  Within a couple of days here they are and pre-drilled by Kath all ready for me to use.  (The following pictures are a trial run mock up so not too elegant but will show you what I mean)

the scruffy bit round the hole is my fault they arrive just perfect

She even drilled the hole at a 45 degree angle to make the wire look more realistic

Here I have cut off the plug and threaded the wire through the socket

made a hole in a bit of scrap wood

The wire is then threaded through the hole in the room wall - this is just a bit of scrap wood not the real thing.

like threading beads
Pull gently into place and glue

et voila

There we have it a realistic lamp plugged into a realistic socket and will also light up!  I am sooooo happy.  Huge thanks Kath.

Contact her if you want any (or anything else).  Failing that I do urge you to check out her site and see the goodies she has.  She will be at the NEC Miniatura in April - I have my shopping list ready.

Click here:    Delph Miniatures


  1. I thought Marilyn's idea was fantastic and we will be introducing it as a new line very soon! Lots of new products come from customers requests, so thank you Marilyn! Kath, Delph Miniatures.

  2. Having a wish is one thing, making it happen is a whole other ball game. Thank you for doing just that yet again.

  3. I think that the idea is Genius Marilyn! The plug and socket looks TOTALLY Authentic and so do All of the rest of the wonderous merchandise that Delph Miniatures has for sale. What's not to LOVE? :D

  4. Hi Elizabeth, all thanks to clever Kath. Genius! I love things to look real and have museum quality vision jn my head, sadly my talent and budget can't realise the dream but I keep trying. Think maybe that's what the hobby is all about ...... For some...

  5. What a fab idea Marilyn and obvious too, when you think about it. I love adding all these little details and you made this one happen.

  6. I know and such a simple answer. No help to folks like you who are pre-electrcity and have to be very ingenious to light a candle. That's a much bigger challenge. Am currently sticking bricks and doing a million mental jiggery pokeries of fires here or there? doors here or there? cupboards here or there? on floors I won't even be getting to for eons. Wish there was an off-switch and i could live in the moment even if that moment was sticking bricks.