Saturday, 27 February 2016

One step short of a flight

I don't know what it is that I am not seeing/understanding but for me the front door on this house seems to be floating above the steps and looks like it needs another one.

I only had some interior stairs and they weren't wide enough.  I decided to glue three together and then trim them to fit but after gluing two together I thought I liked the look of the top step being different so I've left it at that.

when its finished you won't see the join under the paint and paper

needed to cut a piece off the back to get the depth right

It needed a bit cut off the back to get the depth right so using the above gear I clamped it to my bench and cut a little each day when I came into the hive.  You will gather the combination of that saw and my muscle didn't make a lot of impact on the thick step.  On day three my other half came into the hive with a cuppa for me.  I told him that by day three I had done about a quarter of the length, so he 'just finished it' on the way past!  There are days I wish I was Popeye.  More spinach anyone?

confusing photo?

Here it is in situ - it just reaches the bottom of the door opening so now my little folk can step right out onto a step and not a drop.

now for a change of mind

While I was messing around with all of that I realised just how much of the brickwork would be covered by chunks of basement.  I have again switched from the notion of bricking the whole front and then sticking on trims and basement to applying trims and working round where the basement will go.  I drew around all the areas that would be covered with steps and walls and basement floors.  I intend to brick close to these lines but then stick on the basement pieces (and pin them in place) and then finish off the bricks up to the edges of any added structures.  I hope that it means there will be lot of bricks and time saved.


  1. I think you are very sensible to avoid bricking unseen areas. If you are going to grout, a horrible job, I would do it before before adding all the extra pieces but before the grout has fully set. I am sure you will do a brilliant job.

  2. Thanks Janice, nice to 'meet' you. Deep joy, no grouting with the versi bricks I will be using. I have never done a proper brick and grouting just because I am scared witless about making a mess of the grouting and sealing and the various processes involved. These versi bricks from Staceys do the job nicely and no tears at bedtime.

  3. I love that vista through to the indoor staircase - it's a great photo. Can't help with tips regarding bricking I'm afraid. I haven't "bricked" anything but I'm sure you'll get to grips with it. Sometimes doing it is the only way to get the hang of it rather than playing with ideas in your head. I'm a bit slow with comments (spring cleaning here) but I hope it's all coming along well.

    1. Hi Irene, know what you mean life keeps getting in the way - redoing the house right through and new grand-baby due in May. Have scheduled blogs well into May though so there shouldn't be a huge gap for 'readers'