Saturday, 5 March 2016

Paving and steps

I decided to make my life simple and just grey paint any pavement or step areas as I could not figure out a way to finish them without adding weight.  The versi bricks and slates are great and there is some flooring in the range but not grey versi paving stones.  Richard Stacey sells lovely real stone slabs but, as I said, it would add weight to an already heavy front.

I painted all the 'grey' areas very carefully and beautifully and then came up with this wheeze which I think looks OK.  It would look even better if I could 'dirty' it up and add moss and the odd weed.  Not a talent I have.......... as yet........nothing stopping me doing it much later in my house's life when I have nothing else to do.  I wish someone would do a 'dirty-it-up' class.

ashlar stone paper

cut into individual slabs and trimmed to size

border adhesive

If I am sticking any papers on my house I always use border adhesive.  Any make will do.  To be honest I think it is just PVA glue but it does seem silkier somehow?  Whatever it is, it is very strong and will bond the heaviest paper to wood or painted wood. Think this one was the cheapest B & Q sell but I am not sure about that as I have had it a long time.

I think the steps and pavement look much better 'slabbed' than they did painted:

slabbed steps

Notice that the pediments either side of the door now stand on the step.  Imagine if I hadn't added the step how odd they would look just floating around, not to mention an accident waiting to happen every time you stepped out of the door.

pretty good pavement???

top slab and front edge are made with separate papers so I could get in a full width slab