Sunday, 20 March 2016

Brief note

If any of you follow the narrative part of this hobby I have just been back in to the pages at the top of the blog and tweaked the rooms pages and the narrative and the inhabitants.

Basically my main protagonist now has a PhD in Eng Lit rather than old bones and they all live in Cambridge rather than Lyme Regis.  

The earlier incarnation was because the whole (original) story came from buying one piece of mini furniture - a display case of fossils - that set me off wanting to create the Mary Anning story or, at least the Philpot sisters in their house.

I have clung to that display case but it doesn't work for me - this house has much of my alter ego in it and bits of my history so it would be nice to have it closer to my 'dream' me.  My Elizabeth now has followed the path I would have liked.


  1. I find this rather familiar, Marilyn. So often it happens that a dollhouse project will begin by You taking it one way and somewhere along the house takes over and decides it OWN course to follow, then YOU are required to tag along. However, I believe that this is a Good thing because it means that the miniature project has become a cooperative venture and not strictly one-sided. It becomes a struggle when there is no meeting of the minds, so good for you for listening to what the house has to say and saying "YES" to its new direction and location! :D

    1. I honestly think you are right. In real life a house is one thing a 'home' another. A home has a life of its own and a 'relationship' with us - very hard to explain but we all know what we each of us means when we say 'home'. I think in mini world if we get to 'love' our projects we start to build a mini version of that relationship. Working with the previous narrative set it back a couple of steps away from me, just tweaking it this way has brought my house home!