Saturday, 13 February 2016

Mud Room courtesy of ELF

Here comes what must be one of my top three vendors.... ELF Miniatures

If you look at the site it is described as modern miniatures and, yes, it is that in bucket loads.  This in itself is a rarity, BUT with a little imagination her flat pack kits can be tweaked and twiddled into a lot of other things - such as a Georgian linen press and a 19th century floor to ceiling cupboard in a shop - both of which I have used ELF for.

As I said the items are in flat pack kit form, BUT Elizabeth will make up things for you if required.  She also designs and cuts bespoke items - basically if you can dream it, she can produce it.  I think her prices belie the amount of work and time she commits to any project - in other words she is affordable.

Within a couple of days of sending a vague email about what I thought I wanted she had sent me not one but three design suggestions for my mud room.  I selected this one.

This room sits between the Hive (hobby room) and the children's Rec room.  Backed on to this room behind its back wall (invisible to us of course)  is the family's laundry with washer and dryer and linen storage.  This mud room is for anyone in the basement to make a cuppa or even a 'snack'.  It has a fridge and will have kettle and toaster.  This is to save kids and their friends trekking upstairs to the kitchen. It also has a washing machine and a very large sink for washing dirty stuff that they don't want to put in the laundry room washer.  Such things as muddy sports clothes, riding stuff etc can be washed here and the huge sink is terrific for muddy wellies football boots and the like.  It also sees its fair share of BBQ grill racks, plant pots and the like.  It is decidedly a mud room, not a utility room.

Here are the components needed to make the plan live:

work surface and lovely sink made to order by Elizabeth

cupboards and their trims

cupboard knobs, taps, rail for drip drying over sink

under cupboard strip lights

inside Miele fridge - removable racks and drawers

the fridge

Miele washer drum goes round, door opens using a lock switch (yellow) soap drawer opens

Miele washer, press the 'on'  button and it makes a washing/spinning noise and then the light flashes and it beeps to tell you the washing is done

Proper playtime!

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  1. Hi Marilyn! I am really stoked to see the way that you will assemble the various items in your Elf flatpack! The plans from Elizabeth seem logical and workable.
    In my REAL Life laundry room I have rods stretching across the tops of the appliances and plastic coat hangers to maximize the drying capacity. Sometimes it looks like a jungle down there but installing those rods was one of the BEST ideas that I ever had, and I sure like seeing them utilized in your miniature multi-purpose Mud room too! :D

    elizabeth #2