Saturday, 23 April 2016

For newbies - keep an eye open

Some people are really talented at being able to see things in real world which can be re-purposed in 1/12th.  I am absolutely useless at it but now and then I do manage to spot something that might come in handy.  So, if you are new to this hobby keep your brain/eye trained for possibilities when not hunting for dolls house things and maybe eventually you will become brilliant at it.

Going round a craft shop in a garden centre recently I spotted these:

the right size for a ceiling (from a card making section)

just need one with the ring removed for Annelise's room

no idea, but look handy - small bowls?

again no idea, but maybe to add to wood for 'carved' areas??


  1. A great idea Marilyn, I've just started this - looking with mini eyes and there are all sorts of possibilities out there. Gravy Granule tubs are good things to hang on to too and empty paint tester pots can be put to use. It's just a question of training your eye - my eyes are still in training!

  2. I do think there is a knack to it but am convinced if I 'just try harder' I can manage a little something now and then. I am also no good at clutter so I hate having a load of stuff hanging around 'just in case' and this is a prerequisite of course of this magpie approach. Thanks for stopping by Irene.

  3. Although I'm not a complete novice, I'm still in training too!
    It continues to AMAZE me the ingenuity of others when I see what they find to use and then to transform into mini project. However, I am like you Marilyn and although I too hate clutter, I AM SURROUNDED by it! Finding odds and sods and bits and bobs and storing them presents new problems; trying to find where you put them when you need them! :(

  4. .....not only finding them when you want them but remembering you even have them! See I am rubbish at it all bit, as you say, some people are just genius at re-purposing in big and small life. Its a knack.