Saturday, 16 April 2016

Inspiration from wherever you can find it.

I love doing the rounds of national trust properties (long before I became dolls house obsessed) and they are an endless source of inspiration.  A recent happenstance stay in a hotel just gave me a wealth of reference photos.  I doubt I will ever do a 'fancy' Georgian - I am more plain Adamesque in taste and capabilities, but a girl can dream. 

This is Ednam House Hotel in Kelso, built in 1761 and retaining many of its original features.

incredible plasterwork in every room

great fireplaces
The dolls house on the fireplace is a replica of the house as a hotel, made in some sort of fired clay(??)
probably was the original dining room

the show-off cupola that was all the rage in the mid eighteenth century

lovely pillars

reminder to use arches somewhere

all the fireplaces were a joy

detail of the grate

plasterwork over a fireplace

plasterwork frame

the orginal house - the wings I suspect were added later

I had been dithering about fireplace positions on the basis that all their chimney pots needed to share the same stack.  clearly this is not the case and my house can have fireplaces where it likes.


  1. Hi Marilyn! I LOVE seeing all of the Incredible detail that you have found inside this historic house. Talk about STUNNING! I love the plasterwork on the ceilings and the formality of the arrangement around the great fireplace but also the comfort and cosiness of the furniture. I think your photos are Inspirational and Terrific references for how to do posh English Style! :D


  2. We are so lucky to have so many lovely houses still being looked after in this country. This is a fairly ordinary country house hotel, not expensive but such beautiful bones when you know what you are looking at. Marilyn