Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Mrs Organised

I am sharing this not to impress you with how organised I am - nevertheless be impressed - but as a head's up in case you are looking for cheap, easy, instant storage.

We are in the throes of decorating the big house and 'stuff' arrived in my Hive that 'belongs to you' (husband speak as he delivers it).

The prospect of an Ikea trip (at least half a day) was not on the cards and I wanted it sorted like now.  Inspired thinking..... have a look at Argos - we have a local one... Found two bookcases exactly the right size for £16.99 each.  Ordered two and paid £3.95 delivery and two and a half hours later they were delivered - no kidding - Oh, and yes, it was a Sunday.  Stuff messing up my hive about 11 am and by 4.30 pm this is what I had..... without having left the room.

sewing stuff and cards

mini hobby things

everything labelled

Incidentally these shelves also come in a wider version and both of those come in taller versions - these are just the ones that fitted my space.



  1. Well Done EM!!! You've been a busy bee and your 'HIVE' looks very clean and tidy! :D

    2 years ago I posted a picture on the state of My studio and if I was ashamed then, it is 3x worse NOW!
    It is filled to capacity with tables and shelves, storage units, drawer, boxes, and baskets; all labeled and everything, and yet it's STILL a magnificent eyesore! :(

  2. Ah but think of all the lovely treasures you have. My mother used to say my surroundings look like I live in a prison cell! I can not function in 'clutter'. OCD? Moi?