Saturday, 24 September 2016

Sorting Rooms

The rooms are - starting top floor and left - the student apartment sitting room, the apartment kitchen, the apartment bedroom
Down a floor - the large room is the music room and small room on the right is the library
Ground floor level - left is the dining room, centre is the vestibule, right is the sitting room
Basement level - the left is the children's Rec room, centre is the mud room and right is my old Hive (workroom)

If you read this blog online (not just in your email) you will see tabs at the top of the blog (under the title); one of which is 'Rooms', you can click on that if you want to know about all the rooms in the house.

Sometimes it is impossible to deal with the 'structures' in a room without knowing what furniture will arrive in the future and how it demands to be set out.  It might want a chimney breast on the side wall or on the back wall, a light might need centering over a table but where is the table going and how big will it be? etc., etc., etc.

Having reached the point where I can now start work on the ground floor rooms these were some of the issues concerning me.  I took a deep breath and decided to go through my stash and see what I had for various rooms.

This led me on to two different tacks......  firstly I realised I needed to make up some furniture kits so that I could set stuff out in the Dining Room to see what spaces the fireplace, dining table and chairs soaked up.  I made up the dining table and found some stand in chairs.

I think I want the fireplace in the dining room on the back wall with two shallow cupboards flanking the chimney breast to display glass and silver.  This idea has chopped and changed umpteen times and I still don't have a decision.  Whether this happens or not I did have to re-jig the table by removing an extension leaf; sadly, it was far too big for the space.

The sitting room is a real mystery as I have no seating for this room at all - I simply can't find anything I like at the right price - kit or ready made!  I have just shoved all thinking about that room to one side.

So, pretty much already defeated by the two rooms I need to make a start on I decided to take a break from the deliberations and make up some furniture kits and add 'dressing' details in the basement area where most of the furniture has been decided on.

For newbies - when putting small stuff in place it is best to add some 'tack' to keep them where you want them.  Remove the table, cupboard, whatever and add a tiny bit of tacky wax (museum wax) to the bottom of the object you are going to add to it and press it gently in place where you want it to stay.  This wax holds it in place any time you want to move the piece of furniture - or accidentally knock it over! - but it will allow you to move the object if you want to and it will clean off fairly easily if you need to.

there are a few different makes

I make a teeny roll and just nip a bit off the end for each object

As I said the generic term is tacky wax - there is  a product actually called that which gives it the name (like we say hoovering for vacuuming).  It is also known as museum wax.  Basically it is the consistency of warm wax and is very malleable.


  1. Jodi left me a comment and I tiddled about with the post and 'lost it' so here it is...

    Hi Marilyn,
    I love reading your blogs! The shopping tips were awesome! I might even employ that method for my online shopping, as well!

    Is is possible for you to label the first photo to show everyone which room will be which? I am wondering where you are installing the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom etc...

    Thanks for all the tips and great posts!

  2. Thank you Jodi.... will do..... Marilyn

  3. It's nice to see the whole property and the list of rooms. I like to see how they all relate to one another. You've got quite a stash there and kits are great to put together, just the sort of job to be getting on with while awaiting THE BIG WEEKEND!

    1. Hi Irene, Your comment about how rooms relate to one another probably needs further explanation in a house like mine. If you go to the top of the blog there are some tabs and one is labelled 'rooms' - this is an attempt to make sense of how the whole house works. Most dolls houses need to get in a kitchen and a bedroom and maybe a bathroom I seem to be not doing that, but there are reasons why.... As for assembling kits whilst waiting for THE SHOW..... I would be had I not sliced of a chunk of finger! Marilyn

  4. Hello Marilyn,
    It is a terrific house and I really do love the layout for the floors. I always plan the rooms around the furniture as well...don't look at it as being defeated by 2 rooms, the rooms just haven't quite come together yet. I think this is one step that should not be rushed. I myself use the Mini-hold wax and like it very much.
    Big hug

    1. Ooooh Giac, just to have your work and my house in the same sentence from you is enough! As you say - it needs a breather to let it appear...... I am very bad a doing nothing! Marilyn