Saturday, 10 September 2016

Tiles for hall floor

I bought my tiles for the hall a long time ago from another favourite vendor.  He sells lovely materials at a great price and is super-helpful - Dolls House Tiles (just click on the name).

They are a very thin accurately cut laminate which give a great marble finish.  You decide on the pattern you want.  I do that by playing around with ideas on some on graph paper.  I have a very small hall so it demanded utmost simplicity, but the tiling world is your oyster if you so wish.  What you need is easy to calculate and the vendor will help if you are struggling with something - he also is happy to do bespoke.

It is then as simple as sticking them down with PVA.

I left a hefty book on mine overnight (on non stick paper) to make sure they were as flat as a pancake.

So easy and a great result.