Saturday, 17 September 2016

Finishing the trims in the hall

Note the doors are now in place ready to finish the trims.

Here is another little trick to avoid having to measure accurately with a ruler.  

Dado rails are 2' 6" to 3' above the floor.  The lower measurement is the more usual Georgian one.  They were very decidedly functional rather than decorative and so needed to be the height of most tables (2' 6") as their purpose was to stop chair backs and table edges marking the wall.  Paint and paper were expensive items and needed as much protection as possible, hence skirting boards and dado rails.  Modern houses tend to have a three foot rail as it is better proportioned on the wall.  Mine are three feet (three inches high).

Rather than fiddle around measuring and marking up the wall for the rail to go in, I cut a piece of stiff card (old folder in this case) into a three inch wide strip.  Place this snugly against the wall with its feet on the floor - it is just leaning at a jaunty angle doing nothing here.  Draw a light pencil line across the top.  Go right round the room.

Cut dado rails (like you did for the coving) and use the guide lines to stick them accurately in place.  Cut and stick on the skirting boards.

Here we have one hall - just a light fitting away from finished.  I am holding off on that until I have been to the NEC and bought a simple Adamesque ceiling rose.  (Typing this in March a week away from the show).