Saturday, 22 October 2016

Adding details - the Hive

I had quite few bits and pieces to add to this room as well as all its furnishings and it is pretty much finished but I am saving photos of the rooms as a whole until I am happy they really are complete and the small people have moved in.

Meanwhile here's what I added to the space.

Jane Harrop does a lovely kit for anyone who wants their tiny people to have the same hobby as themselves:

You get everything you see here.  I already had my work table but the rest of the pieces are lovely.  So easy to make up, such clear instructions genuinely - all round good fun to do!

144th dolls house 
Even the teeny windows and doors were a cinch to get in place.  The dolls house front comes off along with the front section of the roof. I may well return to this some day and have a go at decorating it.
lovely set of tools

I think the saw is just genius thinking on Jane's part.  The block at the front is a mitre block but you are seeing it before it was stained and the cutting slits added - apologies.

Again some inspired thinking with the two parts needed to make the tacky glue bottle - just brilliant stuff.

wallpaper and flooring

I varnished the floor paper and made grooves with a knife so it looks like the sheets of wooden flooring I use.  I also made the box to stand the stuff in from Jane's very nice (folder) packaging - thanks Jane.

made another box for the offcuts

The trolley is started

The cardboard box, newspaper and the books you see here on the trolley are also in Jane's kit.

work table

This is my Ikea work table in miniature; full of Jane's things and a couple of other items.  My Elizabeth will be making furniture when I can find some 144ths for her, meanwhile she appears to be making a cardboard table????  Soldering iron seems to be missing???!!


  1. Every one of Jane's kits are INCREDIBLY cute! I love the tiny house but especially the tiny tools and construction supplies.
    And I think that the fret saw is the star of the show for me too! :D


    1. They are always clever and well cut and beautifully presented with great instructions.... basically perfect kits. Marilyn

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you - hope you mean me as well as Jane. Lovely kit to make up. Marilyn

  3. I love that kit, need to get one for the hobby room in my DHE Classical.

    1. Neat eh, Diane. You'll love it. Marilyn