Saturday, 8 October 2016

Adding details - the Rec Room

Having so (not) enjoyed the furniture making debacle it was time to cheer myself up with some bits and bobs to finish off the basement.

I have a small collection of the tiniest shells I could find on our beaches in Naples (Florida) so was determined they were going in.  [ in mini fantasy world Joanne has the same addiction and has a shell collection from their holiday home in the sun.]

small basket filled with shells I have collected

desk area begun

Joanne's shell bits and bobs and Simon's cell phone to start the TV unit

Cheque book from Valerie Claire

I made a cheque book (Valerie Claire's kit) I added in cheque stubs to make it more realistic before realising it is out of scale..... a bit on the large side.  That said I do remember working somewhere where I had large business cheques????  For now it is tucked on a shelf

I made the card house when I did my first project, the rest are purchases.  Paper dolls are from from Mini McGregor and the 'plane and fortune teller were made by a little boy - his first venture into selling his mini origami - he is the third generation of Ron Stetkewicz to make minis.