Monday, 3 October 2016

Buys from Miniatura

I did the biggest (and most expensive per item on some items) spend I have ever done at any show ever (!) at Miniatura; so I apologise to anyone reading this and feeling purchase envy - been there, done that!  Comfort yourself with knowing it will probably never happen again.  My brain just let off the brakes and excused everything I did.  

I'll do this in three posts over three days so its not too much to read...

Practical stuff first:

Threaded door knobs for Music Room and Library doors - Jennifers of Walsall

Nice inexpensive 18" dental coving for the Music Room  (£1.75each)  - J & A Supplies

Maybe help me cut wood better???? - Jennifers of Walsall

Chimney breast ready cut - Elite Petite kindly split this from a kit for me

My favourite real wood floor - Jennifers of Walsall

Trying out a new to me glue - unfortunately the top was broken, hence the wood glue Bandaide - Jennifers of Walsall

I put one of these in the Basement then realised it would be better by the front door - Delph Miniatures

Every room needs a light switch - Delph Miniatures

Still short of a socket - Delph Miniatures

For the apartment - Delph Miniatures

For my temperature/humidity controlled library - Delph Miniatures


  1. I really like your purchases.

  2. Thank you Fabiola. That's the 'boring' things done - the next two days'posts will be better...... Marilyn

  3. Hello Marilyn,
    Good for you! you purchased wonderful items and I can't wait to see them in your gorgeous house!
    Big hug

  4. Thanks Giac - you are a star - more to come.....

  5. The backdrops and support stuff are very important, too! They make the stars of the show shine more brightly!

  6. I think so too, get that wrong and its all wrong

  7. Lots of lovely little details there, Marilyn. I love all that stuff and it's such fun placing them all too. I can see this is the big build up to the really fun stuff!

    1. When the fun stuff is as tiny as your latest little purchase I do begin to wonder if we are all nuts; but yes love the details most of all, sort of sadly only I know they are there. The show was a good shop though wasn't it..... now to York!

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