Saturday, 3 December 2016

Making Fireplace (rewind)

A couple of posts ago I showed you what I was doing to make the fireplace for the sitting room.  At some stage I realised it was overkill and it wouldn't work as well as the simple solution so.... here is how I actually ended up putting this fireplace in place.

Here are the components...

This is a piece of skirting board cut to shape and painted, with the carved side down, to go under the grate to fill in any gap and to raise it to the level of the hearth.

The finished wooden chimney breast assembled and the joints sanded to make it absolutely smooth.

The grate cleaned, lightly buffed and then painted with pewter paint.

A piece of mount-board cut and painted to fill any gaps between the fire grate and the surround.

hole in the back wall for the wires to exit and grey paint for any wall that might show

I drilled a hole in the back wall for the wires to go through and painted the area of the back wall which shows slightly above the grate.

Here is the order of assembly......

The hearth under the grate is glued to the chimney breast.  Check it is flat to the floor.

The gap filler is stuck in place.  Try and get it well centered.

The fireplace is glued in.  I used super glue gel and even clamped it to make sure it lay flat all round.

ready for the vertical

The assembled fire is laid down and the wires are threaded through the wall.  I then used a brush to apply wood glue all round the side and bottom edges that needed sticking in place.

Ta dah!  One fireplace in and two more to go.



  1. Un trabajo impecable, feliz fin de semana:-)

  2. Is the chimney breast attached to the wall and floor? Do you install the flooring and wallpaper after? I love the pewter finish! It looks classic!

    1. Hi Jodi, I have done it all different ways over the years and I don't think there is much to choose between them. I suspect it is a case of finding what suits you. This time I glued in the fireplace, then decorated and then floored. It is easier to have the floor in first but then you need to make sure you cover it well before you decorate. I do it the other way round because the cut around the chimney breast isn't that difficult to do and all the cut edges get covered with either skirting board or a hearth so any 'faults' won't show any way. Previously, I have also applied the wallpaper to the chimney breast before putting it in place but, again, I prefer doing it in situ as I think I get a neater finish when I overlap the wallpaper joins Next week I show the wallpapering and painting and the next week I show you the flooring, so it will all become clearer - I hope. Marilyn

    2. Sounds great! Can't wait to see what you picked!

  3. Hi Marilyn!
    I LOVE the results of the fireplace and the chimney breast. The classic features of your fireplace and the up-grade by using the pewter insert, gives your piece a slightly contemporary look which is what I believe you were looking for. I am so very impressed by your method of construction although I know you are just getting started with the frame, it already is looking Great!
    Keep up the pace because I am impatient to see what happens next!


  4. Thanks Elizabeth, this was written a while ago so I am further along than that now! Just keep up with the weekly episodes.....better than a Danish thriller on TV. Marilyn