Saturday, 18 April 2015

Leeds Doll's House Fair, 18th April 2015

Weary but smiley as I type this - back from the show in Leeds.  It is a good one to do if you can make it.  There are four Doreen Jeffries shows a year split between Leeds and Stafford and they are all worth a visit.  If you want to know more about it you can go visit my Shows Blog to see how my day went.

In terms of Number Six I didn't buy very much in quantity but spent a fortune in money - I will draw a veil.  My find of the day, both the item and the vendor, was new to me and she has several items that may interest me further down the line.  Check out  Unique Miniatures.  

I have no idea why a lovely (fossil bone) collector's table sang to me, but it did.  She had a butterfly table and a snuff box collector's table both of which were very pretty, maybe it was the simplicity of this that appealed.

This serendipitous find has give me a whole new narrative.  My original (already written) story of wealthy Norfolk landowners and their London town house has given way to to something like the Mary Anning story (read Remarkable Creatures by Tracy Chevalier), though my Mary's lifestyle will be more like Elizabeth Philpott's.

Back to the show:  You are welcome to visit the Purchases Photo Albums (links in the left hand column) to see the other two prosaic items I picked up but it probably isn't worth the effort of clicking.  I just want to be methodical about my purchases this time and list them all (maybe a step too far!) but it is disconcerting when you are asked where you bought something and haven't a clue or, worse still, want another one yourself!  I'll see how it goes.  I will split the items by room to make the search easier. 

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