Friday, 17 April 2015

So it begins

Number Six (aka Dalton House) arrived today.


About half an hour before the postie rang the doorbell my other half was busily adapting my doll house trolley to fit the 'big one'.  Basically move the drawers from top to bottom and screw on a piece of MDF large enough to hold the house.  I hope to paint it before it goes into use.

postman: "This is heavy"

It looks so much easier in its tamed state.  I had forgotten just how many bits there are in what looks like the simple 'bookcase' that is a dolls house.  

the 'box' and doors

The contents of the larger box don't look too bad other than the sheer size of the pieces and the challenge those will bring in terms of actually handling them during the build; not to mention keeping everything nice and square.  So (not) looking forward to the dry build on Sunday.  Don't see masking tape holding this lot together.

the innards

The smaller box contained the 'nightmare' package of a zillion components.  I haven't actually checked them as there isn't a comprehensive list included in the pack as to what there should be.  

Looking at the instructions I think this is a build for someone who has already done at least one before.  For any newbies reading this, unless you are bursting with building confidence, I would stick with the tried and tested kits from vendors such as Dolls House Emporium and Bromley Craft Products, to name two of the ones I have done, that very much guide you every step of the way.  That said I don't think 'going off piste' like this would defeat anyone; it is all about the 'fear' factor....... and even on build number four that has kicked in for me.

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