Tuesday, 14 April 2015


You might have noticed the name of the blog has changed.  This is because a story is taking shape in my head and it began with placing the house in a quiet London square and it becoming Number 6. Check out the narrative (tab above this) if you are as batty as me.

I have just heard the house will be here on Friday and I am now suffering from a mix of excitement and dread.  For my first three houses it was just excitement but with all my backing and forthing this last year between scales and selling off stuff I am very chary about it all happening again.

To add to my niggling doubts I am discovering how very little I know about the period and I hate getting stuff 'wrong'.  Have you ever known such a worry maggot!

Meanwhile here are some inspirational pictures:

(After posting this a couple of people contacted me thinking this was the house that is on its way to me.... sorry to have misled you.  I think the top two are the Guys from Texas and the bottom two Anglia.  I have culled many photos for my reference file that I don't recall what they are so I didn't credit them as I was no longer sure)

(I am not sure that this level of expertise comforts me in any way)

..... and here is little old me and my water colours - have they invented Prussian Blue yet?


  1. The third photo shows precisely the study of Mr. Bennet , as seen in the movie serials of the BBC's Pride and Prejudice , by Aglia Dollhouse .