Saturday, 25 April 2015

Thinking about the area

the back of the right hand front of the area

the back of the left hand front of the area

Don't worry I have spotted that the pavement is on the wrong way round.

Next thing is to work out how to make all this space into a reasonable 'fourth wall' when they are open.  I wanted a coal hole cover in the pavement outside and a coal hole but as there is no access to this area other than through a window (!) so that would be a bit daft.  The coal hole could be under the stairs and accessed from the servants hall - not only is that unlikely but the hole cover would then be slap bang in front of the stairs to the house.  No rush on these particular decisions as they are unlikely to change this basic construction.

I was poised to glue and paint this so I could feel as though I have started but I want new metal railings and wonder if it is best to keep the pre-drilled pavements to give to Iron Works and Black Country Miniatures.....  maybe just the plastic railing will do.

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