Thursday, 17 September 2015

Last of the buys I promise

OK, I promise you this is the last of the purchases ordered from the UK and coming to me here in the States.  Again, thanks to the kindness of an eBay seller we managed to do a deal on several items she had up for sale and she held on to them until I arrived here.  As a seller myself now and then, I know what a faff that is to do.  So five pieces for forty bucks including delivery and faff I think I scooped a bargain and I thank Carla.

If you like 'modern', seek out the great fifties/sixties classics out there made by Reac (?) in Japan.  Not easy to get hold of and a lot of them are discontinued.  Sadly, their wonderful office chair is one.  I really, really want that.

Right now I am trying to find the best place to buy the lounger and ottoman.  Prices and origins vary greatly so I am sussing out the possibilities.

Meanwhile as I said, here is what I have so far.....

five beautifully packed chairs

I have three Bofinger-Stuhls (Helmut Batzner, 1964)

.... and two Mezzadro Chairs (Achille Catiglioni, 1957)

I love the detail, even captured the wing nut

The reason my 'Georgian' house has them is that the Rec room is being furnished with Elizabeth's collection of retro furniture that she had in her London apartment which has just been sold.  See, there is a perfectly logical reason for everything once you have made up a story!

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