Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Christmas comes early

I have just flown across the pond to an early Christmas. My neighbour arrived with a Santa sack - well, OK it's a posh rubbish bag - stuffed with goodies.

This is what was inside....

still ooohh!

While I was in the UK I had bought some absolute bargain House of Miniatures stuff from EBay.  Every one was a great.  I don't think there was anything over five dollars.  I even got a beautiful clock for ninety-nine cents.  Our super-duper neighbours below us took them in for us.

might have a pair of these???

this was a pricey buy - over $20 but I have always loved it

This is a complete chimney breast and fireplace in a very simple Adam style.

one down one to go

I bought one of the window seats from one person and another from someone else.  I particularly want one for each window in the sitting room so I need the pair for it to work.  The only problem is I am 'missing' is the other seat.  This is the only package to have gone astray.  I am on the case.

candle stand

This was a four-item deal where I wanted the other three, but I do like it

table with removable leaf

I can mess around with the size as you can add a centre leaf if I have space enough.

two boxes

I have four of these here, but I also have another two at home, so I have my set of six dining chairs.

OK, there were eight photos in this post and that's probably enough to go at.  Come back tomorrow for the other ten.

Why aren't there emoticons for blogs - I rarely use them - but right now I want a little row of smiley faces.

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