Thursday, 10 September 2015

What I bought at the show

If you want to read about the Orlando Show that I went to last weekend you need to visit my Dolls House Trips and Shows blog.  Just click here:  Orlando Show.

It has taken me a while to realise I hadn't shared what I bought at the show....

For the first time ever I went loaded with money and the intention of having (pretty much) what I wanted but, sadly, I only bought a couple of things.  Equally sadly, because we left early,  I forgot to go back and buy a couple of other things I had seen but needed thinking time.  So I now have to get to a show with Tom Walden and Talley's Turnings on site.  Cunning plan.

My first purchase was something I have seen at a couple of shows and wanted and resisted.

This beaten brass coral will be a lovely piece of d├ęcor somewhere in my house.  I have thrust three pictures at you because I wanted to try and convey just how pretty it is.

It does seem to have a couple of minor 'creases' but it was the only one he had and, when asked for one, he had to rootle it out of a box from under the counter.  I am just happy to have it for the princely sum of $20.

I wanted you to see how good the scale is - lovely proportions.

... and with the light through it.

The maker is Ron Stetkewicz - do click on his name and check out his site he has some lovely things.  You really do need to see his father's ships!!!

He has followed in his father's miniature footsteps and, maybe, his young son will do the same.  I bought two of his first forays into the miniature market at the show:

This was not any sort 'encouragement' purchase, I actually intended to struggle with folding a paper plane in scale and anything else I could manage as it was something my son did/does and I wanted it represented in the house.  Why do that when a clever little chap has done it for me.  The scale, again, is lovely and I thank him for his patience.

The Little Dollhouse Company hails from Toronto - so that was a heck of a treck to Orlando.  This vendor is something of a whole show in themselves.  They have a phenomenal range of goodies made by all kinds of artisans some of which are displayed in a nifty rolling-shelf showcase.

This is a tiny portion of the zillion things they have with them on their main stand.

I only bought a couple of things.  The wine glasses are very nicely and finely made - thin-stemmed, uniform shapes, all precisely vertical and no wobbles and something of a bargain at six for thirty dollars.  Apologies for duff photo - but, basically, you know what a wine glass looks like.

wine glass seen through fog?

end of lipstick and tweezers

This is the moment where only mini people will get it....  I am incredibly thrilled with these tweezers.  They are a perfect in-scale replica of the ones I use and yes, they 'tweeze'.

So endeth the first Orlando show.

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