Wednesday, 23 September 2015

So much for my promises

Last post I said - no more purchases....  Unfortunately I am unable to work on any of my furniture kits as we have a few days of realtors coming to view the place.  We are sort of 'interviewing' as we are thinking of selling the condo this trip.  This means I can't have all my clobber parked on the end of the dining table.

So you will just have to suffer another round of 'look what I bought.

This is what I got from the Atlanta Show.

I saw someone's lovely work and asked her how she finished her furniture.  The reply was she used brown Kiwi polish and a satin polyurethane coat.  She did this on the cut pieces before assembling them.  I asked what glue she used that didn't object to sticking finished pieces together and this was the answer.  It does claim to stick anything to anything including glass to glass!  From Hobby Builders Supply.  You can get a great catalogue from them.

I bought this because I am an eejit.  I thought HO scale was 144th (ish).  I have no idea why I thought I knew such things.  This was to make 'stuff' for Elizabeth's work room.  HO scale is about 1:87 (so roughly half of quarter scale).  If it is any use to anyone let me know and if you want to pay the postage I'll mail it to you.  If you are in the UK I'll mail it when I get back - cheaper.

The scale on these two pieces of fabric is just lovely, both in its weight and also in the pattern.  They are both sagey sort of colours.  The first is from Purple B Emporium (Bradley Meinke) and the second is a Mini Graphics (probably defunct now?) piece which claims to have matching wallpaper and carpet..... somewhere.

Shoes in a metallic sort of green for my Annelise for just £5 and the gorgeous jug of flowers are from my all-time favourite - Clara's Cuties.  I swore I would not buy flowers as I have a ton of materials to make them myself, but..... I came away with three.

A micro geode and a stand to glue it to from Kreative Goodies.  She had a lovely selection and in good scale.

Apologies for not noting the vendor - this was a good buy and I weakened because I loved the pot.

I think I have mentioned before that at most shows I come away with the naughty purchase made when my brain has turned to show-sponge.  On one occasion it was a half-scale house from Toptoise which I ended up having to sell on for a considerable loss just to recoup some of the utterly insane money I had spent on it.  This time it was two pieces from Talley's Turnings.  I just loved his work at the Orlando show, but I resisted;  but the show-god sent him to this one so was clearly trying to tell me something.  The little stoppers come out and fit perfectly, they stand straight as a die and are lovely to touch.  These are turned from some sort of nut.  I am sorry I can't remember what.  I hope I recover from worrying about spending silly money on my hobby and just get to the stage of enjoying them guilt-free.

These were all from the same vendor.  She gave me a receipt, so I thought I had her name but, sadly, there was no name on the receipt.

If you want to read about the Atlanta Show and find the link to all the goodies at the show:  Dollshouse Trips and Shows  

To read an account of my trip to Atlanta and follow a link to the Botanical Garden photo album:  My Clavering

There will be a published review of the show in Dolls House & Miniature Scene magazine at some time.

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