Saturday, 21 May 2016

Bogey hole

 Messing around with the doors it occurred to me that when the basement gets glued on there will be a huge waste of space under the outside stairs.  In real life this surely would have been a bogey hole off the original kitchen or servants' hall.  It would have been useful for storing barrels of water and buckets of coal for the range for example.

I mocked up the wall with a hole cut in and a door in place.  

small access to a big space

It can be a full height door because that does give access to a handy shelf as well as the five feet high storage underneath the stairs.  This would have been just a slight stoop even for adults in the mid eighteenth century.  Mostly one of the youngsters would be sent to fetch coal or water or whatever, so the lack of height is not a real constraint.

This eight by six and a half feet cupboard has now been cleaned out for a storage space for the family.  It is accessed off the mud room and will hold all sorts of junk.  I am just living in hopes I can 'dress' the area 
much further down the line without it being too much of a nightmare .  Right now I can't bear the thought of the build grinding to a halt while I source 'junk' for the bogey hole before I can glue the basement to the doors. I can see the problems of filling a large space through a small access later on....  but I do love a challenge.

fiberglass brick finish

This is the brick 'paper' I used for the walls.  It is a really good product from Jennifers of Walsall.  If I didn't use versi-brick on the outside of my houses this is what I would use instead.  it is a terrific texture right down to its gritty mortar between the joints.  It is even Flemish bonded brick!  Perfect.

I have a sheet for all kinds of odds and ends like bricking inside fireplace chimneys for example.  You can then dirty it up with paint but still have the texture of old brick.

big space

This is the finished space.  The floor was done in the same way as the random slabs in the areas but this time I cut all the leftover slabs I had into the same size squares to make it easier for me to cover the area.  Cutting them is easy as every shape is based on this basic square.  Also, with fitting random shaped stuff you find that you have favoured one shape more than another so the leftovers are never very random.  It would have been a challenge to use them as they were.

[Note on 'bogey hole'...... not sure if this is a widely-used term?  It is a word from my Brummie childhood when any under-stair cupboard or similar nook or cranny got filled with 'it might come in handy' type junk.  So, in response to phrases like: "Where's the old green lamp?" the response invariable was, "It's in the bogey hole".  Not a place to rummage around in for anyone not liking spiders.]


  1. Hi Marilyn! How MARVELOUS to have all of this extra storage space under the outside stairs. It would be the perfect space for storing root veggies, preserves and/or moonshine if your house was on this side of the pond. ;P
    I am Super interested in the brick sheets which you've used so beautifully for your "bogey hole", they look Perfect AND perfectly Easy, which is always a great selling point for me- Well Done! :D


  2. Yes, the brick sheets are especially good and I have been tempted to use them externally but always renege at the last minute and I go back to the versi bricks. Keeping a sheet always in stock though does come in handy for kinds of nooks and crannies where I don't want to fiddle around with sticking on one brick at a time. I have only seen them with Jennifers of Walsall but bet a bit of googling might find them on your side of the pond as I have a sneaking suspicion they are from the US. Here's a link for the whole range of that stuff:

  3. Thank you. It is filling up with stuff nicely. I had bought a load of Christmas things as I was going to freeze the moment just before Christmas but then decided against it - so, like in real life it has all been packed away in boxes and shoved int he bogey hole along with other stuff that 'might come in handy'. I love how mini world works like real world sometimes.

  4. Hello Marilyn,
    The rooms are coming along beautifully. I just love the brick wall and the flooring is fantastic. I can't wait to see progress on the bogey hole. It will be great!
    Big hug

  5. Thank you Giac. High praise indeed coming from you; your work is so wonderful.

  6. Oooo love the brick sheets, definitely going to get some of those as I just can't face gluing on individual bricks and always just end up putting on brick effect paper. x

    1. They are very good and come in at least two kinds of finish - as I said I get mine from Jennifers of Walsall - there is other stuff in the same material too like wall panels for instance.