Saturday, 14 May 2016

Repairing a versi-brick

The reason I wanted to get these doors done and hinged on to the house was (in part) that they were getting the occasional bump hanging around the workroom.  I managed to get within a nano second of achieving that and then succeeded in knocking down a door and a basement piece.  They flew off the trolley that I moved to retrieve a book.  There were several bits of damage to bricks and pavers; luckily nothing major.  I can't say the same for my cup of tea and the surrounding area!!

One dinted brick

Hey Ho!  It gives me a chance to show you how easy it is to repair a versi brick.

Remove the offending brick, using implement of choice - mine is a dental pick and/or a very small palette knife.  You can make it even easier by wetting the brick carefully with a small paintbrush and water.

New brick in place and you'd never know there had been a problem.

I recently read a couple of people using versi bricks who go over them with a matt varnish presumably to protect them from dust?  I don't do that and am happy to leave them with their brick dust finish.

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