Saturday, 28 May 2016


Window frames in this kit are fairly basic - certainly not as 'smart' looking as the ones in my previous builds.  I've tried finding better ones but nothing fits in a way that I could do a straight swap.  I contacted a favourite house maker but he said the price would be prohibitive for him to make bespoke windows for this so I have resigned myself to just bashing ahead with them.

sixteen windows

I am using a Valspar sample pot of their water based satin finish in Tidy White.  I never use paint that needs a spirit to clean brushes etc; I prefer the simple (not smelly) water clean-up.

This is the process:

1. paint one side, leave to dry
2. paint other side, leave to dry
3. rub down both sides with the finest 'sander' you can get nothing coarser than 220 grit - look in the painting section for the pads painters use.
4. paint one side, leave to dry
5. paint the other side, leave to dry

Hopefully they are now ready to use.

Check over very, very carefully - does it need another coat? will two do? do you want to rub down again lightly and maybe wax after that - the final finish is all about how fussy you are.

Here's a photo to show you the first coat before and after light sanding to get rid of the nibs

the after one is on the left, the before one is on the  right

P.S.  Talking to Wilma I thought I had written a post on how much work went into making the windows and other trims ready to paint.  I skipped back through all my posts and can't see what I thought was there.  Before I even started painting the windows (as described here) they had already been sanded to within an inch of their life.  The trims in this kit are fairly rough material and are roughly cut. DHD now does laser cutting so this should no longer be an issue.  I had to sand down thirteen windows and generally tidy them up before I could even begin the painting instructions that you have just read here,  For you, just be sure the material you are about to paint is as smooth as it can be before going at it with a paintbrush.