Saturday, 20 August 2016

Concealed light in second hallway

I have finally finished the basement rooms; barring any after thought tweaks they are now just waiting to be furnished and dressed.  It is a big thrill to be starting on the ground floor rooms.  

The first to be attacked is the hall.  Strictly speaking it is the vestibule or entrance hall as the real hall, giving access to the rooms, is a step beyond that.  We are able to glimpse the main hall through the open door at the back of the vestibule...... or that's the plan.

So, before I can even put in the walls of the hall I need to deal with the area which will be almost hidden behind them.  I found a photo somewhere on line which seemed to do what I wanted and I fiddled around with the size until it looked in scale, printed it and stuck it to the back wall of the house.  

There is also a strip of wooden flooring to fill the gap that will be between the real dolls house back wall with the photo stuck on and the back wall of the (to be created) inner hall.  It is only a couple of inches but that's enough to help the perception of depth.

I snaffled a bulb on a wire from one of my unused lights from a previous project and drilled a small hole through the back wall above the photo ensuring the light bulb itself would be out of sight.  

Hey presto ...  door roughly in place and testing light bulb theory ..... and we have a pretend hallway?  I swear it is much better in real life, the light is more diffused and  it is all about impression rather than reality.

At last, my hall walls can now go in place and get decorated...... again  and again and again.