Saturday, 20 August 2016

Concealed light in second hallway

I have finally finished the basement rooms; barring any after thought tweaks they are now just waiting to be furnished and dressed.  It is a big thrill to be starting on the ground floor rooms.  

The first to be attacked is the hall.  Strictly speaking it is the vestibule or entrance hall as the real hall, giving access to the rooms, is a step beyond that.  We are able to glimpse the main hall through the open door at the back of the vestibule...... or that's the plan.

So, before I can even put in the walls of the hall I need to deal with the area which will be almost hidden behind them.  I found a photo somewhere on line which seemed to do what I wanted and I fiddled around with the size until it looked in scale, printed it and stuck it to the back wall of the house.  

There is also a strip of wooden flooring to fill the gap that will be between the real dolls house back wall with the photo stuck on and the back wall of the (to be created) inner hall.  It is only a couple of inches but that's enough to help the perception of depth.

I snaffled a bulb on a wire from one of my unused lights from a previous project and drilled a small hole through the back wall above the photo ensuring the light bulb itself would be out of sight.  

Hey presto ...  door roughly in place and testing light bulb theory ..... and we have a pretend hallway?  I swear it is much better in real life, the light is more diffused and  it is all about impression rather than reality.

At last, my hall walls can now go in place and get decorated...... again  and again and again.


  1. Love it, Marilyn. The fact that your picture also has lights and a window featured make it all the more believable and the floorboards are all running back towards the staircase, again adding to the illusion. That picture was a great find and certainly draws the viewer in. It's looking fab.

  2. Big thanks Irene for the confidence boost. You can fiddle with these things on your own and end up wondering if, at the end, only you can see what was intended. Promise you the real McCoy is better. Wish I could take better photos..... Marilyn

  3. What a MARVELOUS idea Em! - YOU are so Clever and the illusion is Perfect! :D

  4. Hello Elizabth - not so much clever as lucky to find just the right photo on line. the trompe l'oeil is pretty good.

  5. Hello Marilyn,
    That looks wonderful. It is very realistic and the illusion is very convincing. It adds so much depth to the room. Well done!
    Big hug

  6. Thanks Giac. If I had a real life house large enough, I would love a 1/12th architecturallly correct dolls house... This would require it to be at least two rooms deep and the ability to walk right round it, clearly that's never going to happen. This means that the usual front slice of a house which dolls houses are, endlessly frustrate me and I am always desperate to suggest more house behind. Marilyn

  7. That's me now up to date with your blog posts :). Love your illusion of a staircase is perfect and I am think of using that idea in my next house as I don't actually want a staircase, just big rooms instead. I did put a pic. of a garden behind French doors in my Edwardian house and it looks great. x

    1. Well done that woman - bet your brain aches by now! Like you I like this 'extending' rooms when I can and almost always think stairs are a bit of a waste of space and very, very often they simply don't work in reality when you weigh them up which also niggles me so I thought this time I would try and find a way of just dumping them. Luckily large houses don't usually have the stairs running off the entrance hall so we can get away with not having them.