Saturday, 13 August 2016

Decorating walls

I really am the last person to give advice about decorating walls.  I have the same problem in real life and small life - indecision.  I go round and round and get no where.

If I tell you the tiny hall (vestibule) in Dalton House has ten coats of paint you might believe me.  Worse than that, the finished wall (attempt five)  is back at its third incarnation - by mistake!

The hall was originally white - far too boring - so it became white above the dado and a soft grey beneath.  Incarnation three was a bright yellow called Jasper cane - a correct Regency colour.  Far too bright for me so I softened it with white and went again.  Still far too yellow so more white until it was just a creamy sort of colour - very pretty.  Off we go again with the tenth layer of paint.  Next day - Oh, poop, I used the mid yellow mix that I had done on round three.  Pulled out some hair and decided I was past caring and it would remain as it was.

What I do that is actually useful and might be worth a mention is lay out pretend bits and bobs against various wallpapers to see how I might want them used - all over a wall, above or below a dado, with or without a border etc etc.  Placing doors and trims and even furniture on them and taking a photo can really help.

door and trims just loose laid on paper

still don't know which I like best

Something else I like to do is put wallpapers in their rooms and take a photo of them.  This lets me see if the whole house looks 'balanced'.  I don't want some particular room 'shouting' above the others.

I think the dining room paper (yellow, bottom left) is a bit too zingy and I am considering using it in panels in some way to dilute it - otherwise there is a nice calm greenery-yallery feeling running through the house and, for now, I feel as though I have actually made a decision or three..