Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Pointers to me in other places

If you follow this blog you may be a bit of a blog addict (me too) so you may want to wander around more of my thoughts.  You can find the links to any active blogs here:  My Blog Addresses

If you already know my stuff you will be aware that I quit writing on the Garden one and in the Journal one, a while back.... but..... can't resist, so I am back into them again.  You can find these here: my haphazard journal is Clavering  and the garden one is Bury Gardeners.

I also have a blog where I sell the occasional bits and bobs I don't need and  currently I have a truly lovely house on there right now - it is in kit form, so it could be couriered to you (????) if you can't pick up:  Lilliput Sales

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