Saturday, 6 August 2016


Another of Delph's products I really like and return to when I can is their radiators.

They can be used as in the above photo showing the in and out pipe going into the floor.

Lift them a little above the skirting board and they have a different sort of configuration.  I looked at the radiators in my house and they are different even to this.  They have a flexible water pipe hidden behind the radiator itself and so they sort of 'float' on the wall.

Being me, I just had to have this arrangement,  Simple solution..... I just nipped off a bit of the pipe and stuck it on the back of its remaining stump.

Here it is, in situ,  in the mud room.


  1. Your modified radiator looks real Smart the way in which you have installed it, Marilyn- Love it! :D


  2. Thanks Elizabeth. Isn't Delph's stuff great. Marilyn

  3. Hello Marilyn,
    That is lovely. What fantastic detail and great job altering it so it works for you. It looks very realistic indeed.
    Big hug

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  5. I do so love all the modern bits and pieces one can get now, especially since my dolls' house world is "set" in the present. I like to have to best of all worlds ~ all mod cons but with all the stuff from yesteryear that my miniature people set their little hearts on LOL

  6. Hi Sharon, Exactly. That's my thnking ....if it is set now, my mini inhabitants can 'collect' old stuff if they like. This house will do just that. marilyn

  7. Great idea to alter the radiators to suit. I bet you've never really looked at your own radiators before this! Delph minis are bang on scale and these rads just look the part.

  8. As you say - when do you study radiators? when you are a mini nut. Marilyn