Saturday, 11 July 2015

Bonkers part two

If you have suffered through the saga of not liking the 'doorsteps' on interior doors .... well here's another thought.

If anyone has the inclination there may be a half way solution to the issue of keeping the pin hinge arrangement on interior doors but getting rid of the 'step' across the bottom.  Someone reminded me that a lot of interior doorways have that threshold plate thingy covering where two different kinds of flooring meet, eg tiles and carpet so a thin strip of wood here is acceptable.

if you look closely at the construction of the 'step' you'll see that there are two things going on - a thin strip of wood for the pin to go in and a thicker piece acting a a stop to prevent the door swinging through the other side.

You could remove the 'step', as I do for painting, and then replace it with a thin strip of wood for the pin to go in, without that step up.  To stop the door swinging through you can just rebate inside the door jamb with the thinnest strip of wood.  I did do this for another reason in another project.  I remade a front door and ended up with a bit of a gap that the wind would have whistled through so I added a rebate.  It was a great idea and the door looked very much more finished with it.  The strip of wood came from a quarter scale vendor so it had a very fine profile.

There is a minor flaw with this plan and that is that you will get a small square gap - gain you can fill this or just live with it.  It is marginally less annoying than the deep step(?)

left side big step, right side thin strip of wood but leaving a gap

Why haven't I done this on this project you might ask;  very simple I didn't think about it until I had finished the door prep and I am not about to buy a whole new set of doors.

The simplest solution to the issue is don't fuss and faff like me and just accept this is a doll's house!  The next solution is to remove the 'step' and just leave your doors closed (stick them in position).  Next solution is the thin strip and rebate idea and after that is the very best of all -  remove the step completely and replace the pins with hinges and add a rebate.

All yours....

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