Monday, 13 July 2015

eBay? - Guilty

I feel a bit guilty about this purchase.  I suppose that's only 'cos I sort of know the maker and I feel I should have bought from her and not from eBay.  In my defense all the lovely stuff I have ever bought from her has gone on to others and some of it by way of eBay when I got rid of all my twelfths.  This included a few radiators!  Also it was only one and I need a ton more.

I did get punished a little as I thought I was getting two.  The photo showed two but the small print (when I checked back today) said there was only one left.


  1. I like Delph Miniatures, they make some really great modern minis. I think there are a few ebay miniatures sellers who stock their items ~ trust me, I have MANY "favourite" ebay miniatures sellers! I recently came across a modern wall-mounted central heating boiler which really took my fancy, but I've no need of one in the Galleria. Still, I've been very tempted to get it for future use LOL I'm trying to be "good" though, and just stick with one build at a time!

    1. They are just brilliant. She actually made me a yale lock cos it drove me barmy that there was no such thing yet almost every house for donkeys years would have a yale lock on them. The stuff she creates is so good. Another reason I am happy to be back with 2015. M